AFM Probes, Tips, and Cantilevers

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Guide to SPM & AFM Modes

Complete guide on SPM & AFM applications.

Bruker Introduces AFM-Based nano-DMA Solution

Providing First and Only AFM Viscoelastic Measurements that Match Bulk DMA BOSTON, Massachusetts – November 27, 2018 – At the 2018 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, Bruker today announced the relea...
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PeakForce Tapping & QNM

PeakForce Tapping™ is an AC imaging technique, i.e., the cantilever is oscillated but well below resonance. This results in a continuous series of force-distance curves. In addition to dire...
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LiftMode™is not an imaging mode, as it by itself does not measure a new quantity to reveal new information, but rather a technique that enables other modes such as MFM, EFM, and SCM. In LiftMode...
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Magnetic Force Microscopy – MFM

Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) uses a combination of TappingMode™, LiftMode™ and a properly prepared tip to gather information about the magnetic field above a sample. Each line of the sampl...
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Surface Potential Microscopy – SPoM

Surface Potential Microscopy (SPoM) is based on the macroscopic Kelvin method. SPoM is able to measure surface topography and surface potential (VDC) information simultaneously. Topography is acqu...
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Scanning Tunneling Microscopy – STM

STM is a primary AFM mode. The probe is a metal needle. Detector signal is the tunneling current between the tip and sample when an electrical bias, V, is applied. In feedback mode, output signal ...
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Torsional Resonance

During Torsional Resonance (TR) Mode, the tip is actuated parallel rather then vertical with respect to the surface. Forces between tip and sample cause a change in resonance behavior that can be ...
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TUNA & Conductive AFM

TUNA and Conductive AFM use contact mode AFM and a conductive probe. Sensor signal is the electric current between tip and sample for an applied DC bias. In feedback mode, the output signal is the...
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AFM System Upgrades

MultiMode8 Upgrade/ Trade-In

Recent Bruker innovations now available with the MultiMode 8 include: ScanA

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