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We have vastly expanded our offering of Adama Innovations diamond probes. Our range now includes sharp and supersharp apex diamond tips for high resolution electrical applications, intermediate radius cone shape tips with outstanding consistency, wide angle tips for highest load mechanical applications, and high aspect ratio pillar tips for the most challenging geometries. All tips feature strong wear resistance, allowing for constant contact size and resolution during long term measurements.

Sharp Conductive Single Crystal Diamond Probes

Highly conductive Apex Sharp diamond probes, formed by a unique patented process ensure the best possible nanomechanical and electrical performance. These tips are sharper and last longer than any other electrical AFM probe. The conductive diamond coating is highly doped with boron which leads to a macroscopic resistivity of 0.003 - 0.005 Ohm∙cm. Contact resistance is typically 10 kΩ depending on contact radius measured on a silver surface. By using wear-resistant sharp diamond probes the contact size is well characterized and stays constant during mechanical measurements. Quantitative and repeatable measurements for over 24 hours of continuous use have been demonstrated with these probes. A gold reflex coating deposited on the detector side of the cantilever to enhance the reflectance of the laser beam.

All Adama probes are now included in the Sader Method - Global Calibration Initiative.

Choose among two tip radii and spring constants to match your application:

- AD-2.8-AS – L=225um, W=35um, k=2.8N.m, f=65kHz, r=10+/-5nm
- AD-40-AS – L=225um, W=28um, k=40N.m, f=180kHz, r=10+/-5nm
- AD-2.8-SS – L=225um, W=35um, k=2.8N.m, f=65kHz, r<5nm
– L=225um, W=28um, k=40N.m, f=180kHz, r<5nm


Cone Probes

These probes are designed to offer the high wear resistance of diamond combined with high probe-to-probe consistency in tip shape and a tip radius of 20nm. They are ideally suited to long lifetime imaging of low relief samples at moderately high resolution. They are also conductive with a contact resistance in the 100kOhm range.

Choose among two spring constants to match your application:

  • FM-LC - L225um, W28um, K8N/m, F100kHz, R20+/-10nm
  • NC-LC - L125um, W30um, K100N/m, F450kHz, R20+/-10nm

Nanomechanics Probes

These tips are specifically designed for high mechanical loads and scratch testing applications. By using wear-resistant diamond and a broad cone angle the contact size is well characterized and stays constant during repeated mechanical measurements. These probes have demonstrated highly repeatable deep (~100nm) indentations into materials such as fused silica and can image the indents at high resolution in-situ using the same probe. Each cantilever comes individually characterized with both spring constant and tip radius accurately measured, to enable fully quantitative nanomechanical measurements. Each probe comes with a high-resolution SEM image showing the precise tip shape to enable fully quantitative measurements. A gold reflex coating deposited on the detector side of the cantilever to enhance the reflectance of the laser beam.

  • NM-RC - L125um, W30um, K350N/m, F750kHz, R10+/-5nm
  • NM-RC-C - L=125um, W=30um, k=350N.m, f=750kHz, r=10+/-5nm, individually calibrated
  • NM-TC - L=125um, W=30um, k=350N.m, f=750kHz, r=25+/-10nm
  • NM-TC-C - L125um, W30um, K350N/m, F750kHz, R25+/-10nm, calibrated

Pillar Probes

These probes are designed for imaging small scale, high aspect ratio structures. They offer 100nm tall cylindrical shaped pillar tips with base diameters of 20nm and 40nm. As with all Adama probes, these are formed out of single crystal boron doped diamond and are wear resistant and conductive.

  • AD-2.8-P20 - L225um, W35um, K2.8N/m, F65kHz,R<20nm, 100nm tall
  • AD-2.8-P40 - L225um, W35um, K2.8N/m, F65kHz,R<40nm, 100nm tall
  • AD-40-P20 - L225um, W28um, K40N/m, F180kHz, R<20nm, 100nm tall
  • AD-40-P40 - L225um, W28um, K40N/m, F180kHz, R<40nm, 100nm tall