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Tip Radius (nm)
Nom: 100
Max: 150
Frequency (KHz)
Nom: 105
Min: 80
Max: 130
Length (µm)
Nom: 225
Min: 215
Max: 235
Spring Const (N/m)
Nom: 6
Min: 3
Max: 12
Width (µm)
Nom: 35
Min: 33
Max: 37
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Bruker's popular DDESP-FM-V2 electrical probe provide both fantastic wear resistance and robust conductivity due to the hard and highly conductive tip side doped diamond coating.


Perfect for applications such as C-AFM and PeakForce TUNA, SCM, SSRM, and PFM.


For a stiffer cantilever version of this probe see DDESP-V2.


Probe part numbers ending in -V2 provide:

Tighter dimensional specifications for improved probe to probe consistency

More precise alignment of the tip to the cantilever apex

Improved aesthetics

Tip Specification
DDESP-FM-V2 Tip Image
The doped diamond coating is used to harden the tip in applications that require both increased wear resistance and a conductive tip. The tradeoff for the increased lifetime is that the coating also increases the diameter of the tip. If a conductive coating is not needed, the DLC coated probes (Model# TESPD) provide a cost effective alternative.
Tip Height (h): 10 - 15 µm
Front Angle (FA): 25 ± 2.5º
Back Angle (BA): 17.5 ± 2.5º
Side Angle (SA): 20 ± 2.5º
Cantilever Specification
DDESP-FM-V2 Cantilever Image
The Aluminum reflective coating on the backside of the cantilever increases the laser signal (A+B) by up to 2.5 times. Although not necessary for general imaging, reflective coating is recommended for thin cantilevers (< 2.5 µm), highly reflective samples, and machine vision applications.
Material: 0.010-0.025 Ωcm Antimony (n) doped Si
Geometry: Rectangular
Cantilevers Number: 1
Cantilever Thickness (Nom): 2.95µm
Cantilever Thickness (RNG): 2.20 - 3.70µm
Back Side Coating: Reflective Aluminum