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PeakForce Deep Trench

Introducing Bruker’s New Range of Deep Trench Probes

Designed for Dimension Icon with PeakForce Tapping Technology
Bruker’s new PeakForce Deep Trench (PFDT) series of probes are engineered to provide accurate depth metrology and imaging on the most challenging structures encountered on semiconductor samples and optics, including trenches and pits with aggressive aspect ratios and depth of more than 100nm. 

The PFDT series complements Bruker’s wide range of HAR and FIB probes such as HAR-1-200A-10, TESP-HAR, FIB2-100s, and others. While the HAR and FIB families of probes are traditionally used in Tapping mode, the PFDT series is specifically design for use on Dimension Icon with PeakForce Tapping technology. 

PeakForce Tapping is well known to be ideal for aggressive geometries, as deep and narrow trenches, as it avoids air damping and sticking effects that plague approaches based on resonant modes such as Tapping or non-contact. The cantilever shape, spring constant, and resonance frequency of these probes are highly optimized for PeakForce Tapping, and the spike angle is tilt corrected for Dimension Icon. The result is repeatable, accurate metrology with high throughput and long tip life.

Choose from two probe model to address your range of applications.

PFDT750 provides a spike with 750nm length and 65nm width
PFDT2500 provides a spike with 2500nm length and 150nm width 

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DisplayOrderNameInstrumentMountPack SizeShapeRes. Freq. NomRes. Freq. MinRes. Freq. MaxSpring. Const. NomSpring. Const. MinSpring. Const. MaxLength NomLength MinLength MaxWidth NomWidth MinWidth MaxTip GeometryTip Front AngleTip Back AngleTip Side AngleTip Radius NomTip Radius MaxTip Set Back NomTip Set Back RNGCantilever Geom.Num. of CantileversCantilever Thinck. Nom.Cantilever Thinck. RNGFront Side CoatingBack Side CoatingBottom Layer FrontBottom Layer BackTop Layer FrontTop Layer BackBase Price
0000099999 PFDT2500 Dimension Icon Unmounted 5 Rectangular 130kHz 100kHz 160kHz 0.40N/m 0.20N/m 0.60N/m 60µm 55µm 65µm 30µm 27µm 33µm Rotated (Symmetric) 15+/-2º 25+/-2º 17.5+/-2º 6nm N/A N/A N/A Special 1 500µm 470-530µm N/A Reflective Aluminum N/A N/A N/A N/A 000001125.0$1,125.00 (USD)
0000099999 PFDT750 Dimension Icon Unmounted 5 Rectangular 130kHz 100kHz 100kHz 0.40N/m 0.20N/m 0.60N/m 30µm 27µm 27µm 0.40µm 0.20µm 0.60µm Rotated (Symmetric) 15+/-2º 25+/-2º 17.5+/-2º 5nm N/A N/A N/A Special 1 500µm 470-530µm N/A Reflective Aluminum N/A N/A N/A N/A 000001125.0$1,125.00 (USD)