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Contact Resonance

Introducing Contact Resonance Probes for Dimension Icon

For most repeatable nanomechanics on hard samples

Introducing Bruker’s range of probes for contact resonance. All of these probes feature a wear resistant, conductive diamond coating for highest repeatability and resolution. On a Dimension Icon with FASTForce Volume Contact Resonance, these probes have been shown to provide many dozens of images with no measurable wear or change in nanomechanical values. These probes also employ Bruker’s V2 process for most consistent tip and cantilever shape, further enhancing measurement consistency. All of them employ 225um long, rectangular cantilevers, with three spring constants to address a range of sample moduli:

DDRFESP40 with a low 2N/m spring constant for softer polymers.
DDESP-FM-V2 with an intermediate 6N/m spring constant for stiffer polymers and metals.
DDLTESP-V2 with a high 95N/m spring constant for metals and ceramics.

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Length Nom
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Front Side Coating
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DisplayOrderNameInstrumentMountPack SizeShapeRes. Freq. NomRes. Freq. MinRes. Freq. MaxSpring. Const. NomSpring. Const. MinSpring. Const. MaxLength NomLength MinLength MaxWidth NomWidth MinWidth MaxTip GeometryTip Front AngleTip Back AngleTip Side AngleTip Radius NomTip Radius MaxTip Set Back NomTip Set Back RNGCantilever Geom.Num. of CantileversCantilever Thinck. Nom.Cantilever Thinck. RNGFront Side CoatingBack Side CoatingBottom Layer FrontBottom Layer BackTop Layer FrontTop Layer BackBase Price
0000000350 DDESP-FM-V2 All Unmounted 10 Rectangular 105kHz 80kHz 130kHz 6N/m 3N/m 12N/m 225µm 215µm 235µm 35µm 33µm 37µm Standard (Steep) 25 ± 2.5º 17.5 ± 2.5º 20 ± 2.5º 100nm 150nm 14µm 11 - 16µm Rectangular 1 2.95µm 2.20 - 3.70µm Conductive Diamond Reflective Aluminum N/A N/A N/A N/A 000001300.0$1,300.00 (USD)
0000099999 DDLTESP-V2 All Unmounted 10 Rectangular 280kHz 190kHz 380kHz 95N/m 45N/m 190N/m 225µm 215µm 235µm 40µm 38µm 42µm Standard 25+/-2º 15+/-2º 17.5+/-2º 100nm 150nm 9.5µm 7-12µm Rectangular 1 7µm 6-8µm Conductive Diamond Reflective Aluminum N/A N/A N/A N/A 000001300.0$1,300.00 (USD)
0000099999 DDRFESP40 All Unmounted 10 Rectangular 60kHz 15kHz 110kHz 2N/m 0.70N/m 4N/m 225µm 215µm 235µm 40µm 38µm 42µm Rotated (Symmetric) 15+/-2º 25+/-2º 17.5+/-2º 100nm 150nm 9.5µm 7-12µm Rectangular 1 2µm 1.75-2.25µm Conductive Diamond Reflective Aluminum N/A N/A N/A N/A 000001300.0$1,300.00 (USD)