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Tip Radius (nm)
Nom: 8
Frequency (KHz)
Nom: 150
Min: 90
Max: 210
Length (µm)
Nom: 125
Min: 115
Max: 135
Spring Const (N/m)
Nom: 3
Min: 1
Max: 5
Width (µm)
Nom: 35
Min: 33
Max: 7
Sold in packs of 5
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3N/m,150kHz,350 nm spike length, 30nm wide spike @ 250 nm, Al reflective coating, 12-degree tilt


The Bruker Nano-Tube (BNT) probe is a robust, high aspect ratio probe designed for the challenging applications in semiconductor process control.

The high aspect and hard wearing, diamond-like carbon tip is optimized for depth metrology applications.
With its ~8 nm tip radius this probe also guarantees accurate roughness measure with long term repeatability.

1.  High Aspect Ratio: “spike” length of 500 nm and width of just 30 nm enabling various critical dimension measurements of deep trenches.
2.  Tilt Compensation: 12 degree compensated ensuring the “spike” is normal to the sample plane while in use, enhancing access to deep trench features.
3.  Consistent Tip: Uniform width for enduring high resolution roughness measurements.
4.  Longevity: Durable material properties ensure high throughput measure and overall consumable cost efficiency.

Tip Specification
Single Crystal Si
Tip Height (h): 12.50 ± 2.5 µm
Front Angle (FA): 17.50 ± 2.5º
Back Angle (BA): 25.0± 2.5º
Side Angle (SA): 20.0 ± 2.5º
Cantilever Specification
DRPFC25-250 Cantilever Image
Material: Single Crystal Si
Geometry: Rectangular
Cantilevers Number: 1
Cantilever Thickness (Nom): 2.0µm
Cantilever Thickness (RNG): 1.0-3.0µm
Back Side Coating: Aluminum