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Dimension 3000,3100,5000 Trade-In

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Dimension Icon – Today’s leading AFM performance with a path to all new Bruker AFM innovations:

-ScanAsyst® – simple operation with results previously achievable only by advanced users
-PeakForce QNM® - new sample information with nanoscale quantitative nano-mechanical mapping
-PeakForce KPFM™ - New quantitative, highest resolution workfunction measurements
-PeakForce TUNA™ - highest resolution current mapping on fragile samples in conjunction with mechanical information
-Glovebox Operation – electrical and electro-chemical nanoscale information with the greatest repeatability seen in any AFM with a 1PPM oxygen and water environment with PeakForce Tapping modes
-Electro Chemistry – the most complete ECAFM solution available; turnkey Lithium battery research
-PhotoConductive AFM - photoconductive studies (e.g., on OPVs) along with Bruker-unique electrical AFM modes
-Sample Heating and Cooling - temperature-gradient (-35°C to 250°C) studies with greatest precision

Dimension FastScan – The revolutionary fast-scanning AFM with the greatest productivity ever seen in a AFM, and no sacrifice in resolution:

-The ultimate AFM with all the attributes of Dimension Icon, as well as ground-breaking technology to enable dynamics studies at the nanoscale
-Only large, tip-scanning AFM to scan at rates greater than 100Hz and render atomic resolution at greater than 5Hz scanning rates
-Comprehensive Materials, Electrical and Biological studies packages

With over 30 standard and proprietary AFM modes, the new Dimension instruments will ensure your research success!

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