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MultiMode8 Upgrade/ Trade-In

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Recent Bruker innovations now available with the MultiMode 8 include:

  • „„-Makes operation easier for both expert and novice users with automatic scan optimization„„
  • -Delivers tremendously easier operation in liquid, with no need to “tune” the cantilever and no setpoint drift
  • „„-Enables direct quantitative mapping of nanoscale sample modulus and adhesion„„Provides unambiguous and non-destructive property mapping on a wide range of sample types

Fast Scanning for the MultiMode®„„

  • -Offers 20X faster survey scans and 6X faster scans at no loss of resolution in air with ScanAsyst-HR
  • „„-Renders the highest resolution quantitative surface potential imaging with PeakForce KPFM™„„Provides high-resolution, non-destructive, quantitative conductivity mapping with PeakForce TUNA™

New Service Contract Programs

  • „„-Replace older NanoScope® controllers at or near the end of service life„„
  • -Keep your MultiMode running long into the future

Turnkey Glovebox Solution

  • -Supplies sub-ppm water and oxygen control for organic photovoltaics, battery research, and other applications
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