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Tip Radius (nm)
Nom: 10
Max: 15
Frequency (KHz)
Nom: 320
Min: 230
Max: 410
Length (µm)
Nom: 125
Min: 140
Max: 110
Spring Const (N/m)
Nom: 42
Min: 20
Max: 80
Width (µm)
Nom: 40
Min: 30
Max: 50
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42N/m, 320kHz, High Aspect Ratio Tip (5:1), Aluminum Reflective Coating

High aspect ratio (HAR) probes are based upon Bruker technology and made from Bruker TESP probes using focused ion beam milling techniques.  The HAR process modifies the top portion of the tip to an aspect ratio of at least 5:1.  These probes are ideal for Tappingmode imaging on samples with tall/deep geometries, such as semiconductor trench imaging.
Tip Specification
Tip Height (h): 10 - 15 µm
Front Angle (FA): 5 ± 1º
Back Angle (BA): 5 ± 1º
Side Angle (SA): 5 ± 1º
Cantilever Specification
TESPA-HAR Cantilever Image
Aluminum reflective coating on the backside of the cantilever. The Al Reflective coating increases the laser signal (A+B) by up to 2.5 times. Although not necessary for general imaging, reflective coating is recommended for thin cantilevers, highly reflective samples, and machine vision applications.
Material: 0.01 - 0.025 Ωcm Antimony (n) doped Si
Geometry: Rectangular
Cantilevers Number: 1
Cantilever Thickness (Nom): 4µm
Cantilever Thickness (RNG): 3.25 - 4.75µm
Back Side Coating: Reflective Aluminum
Top Layer Back: 45 ± 5nm of Al