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Tip Radius (nm)
Nom: 20
Max: 60
Frequency (KHz)
Nom: 150
Min: 100
Max: 200
Length (µm)
Nom: 70
Min: 65
Max: 75
Spring Const (N/m)
Nom: 0.7
Min: 0.35
Max: 1.4
Width (µm)
Nom: 10
Min: 5
Max: 15
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ScanAsyst-Fluid probes have an intentionally dull tip ideal for force measurements and imaging extremely delicate samples in fluid.  For a sharper ScanAsyst tip for fluid imaging please use the ScanAsyst-Fluid+.

Asyst utilizes a Bruker proprietary method for curve collection and sophisticated algorithms to continuously monitor image quality, and to automatically make appropriate parameter adjustments.  This enables:

- Automatic image optimization for faster, more consistent results, regardless of user skill level.
- Direct force control at ultra-low forces to protect delicate samples and tips from damage.
- Elimination of cantilever tuning, setpoint adjustment, and gain optimization to make even fluid imaging simple. 

For use only on ScanAsyst-enabled Dimension Icon, MultiMode 8, and BioScope Catalyst AFMs.  See the cantilever orientation diagram here.  All ScanAsyst probes have <2 degrees of cantilever bend.

Tip Specification
Tip Height (h): 2.5 - 8.0 µm
Front Angle (FA): 15 ± 2.5º
Back Angle (BA): 25 ± 2.5º
Side Angle (SA): 17.5 ± 2.5º
Cantilever Specification
SCANASYST-FLUID Cantilever Image
Material: Silicon Nitride
Geometry: Triangular
Cantilevers Number: 1
Cantilever Thickness (Nom): 0.6µm
Cantilever Thickness (RNG): 0.55 - 0.65µm
Back Side Coating: Reflective Gold
Top Layer Back: 45 ± 5 nm of Ti/Au