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ScanAsyst-Air-HR probes are specifically designed for use with the ScanAsyst-HR fast scanning accessory on the MultiMode 8 AFM.  Enjoy up to 20X faster survey scan rates and up to 6X faster scans with no loss of resolution.  This remarkable development leverages Brukers exclusive ScanAsyst® Self-Optimizing Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging Mode, which has established itself as the industry standard for AFM ease of use.  The result is the high-speed ScanAsyst-HR - an imaging mode not just capable of high resolution at fast speeds, but also incredibly easy to use. 

Current probes available for ScanAsyst-HR:

  • ScanAsyst-Air-HR –  k = 0.4 N/m, f = 130 kHz, 10nm Aluminum reflective coating

  • If you have an older MultiMode model please contact Bruker to find out how to upgrade it to a MultiMode 8 AFM with high speed ScanAsyst-HR.