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Rocky Mountain Nanotechnology (RMN) probes are uniquely constructed from solid platinum and placed on a standard AFM probe sized ceramic substrate. Solid metal probes offer excellent conductivity and suffer no thin-film adhesion problems that occur with metal-coated silicon probes. These probes also have a tip radius (< 20 nm) which is difficult to routinely obtain by standard AFM probe processing methods.  These probes are ideal for C-AFM, SCM, KPFM/EFM applications. They are available in a range of spring constants. Each probe tip is individually imaged by FE-SEM to verify that the metallic probe tip radius is below 20nm. 

Choose the probe that is right for your application:

  • RMN-25Pt300B – The most popular RMN probe. Particularly good for C-AFM and KPFM or multi-mode applications. L = 300 µm, W = 100 µm, k = 18 N/m, f ~ 20 kHz

  • RMN-12Pt400B – The RMN probe with the lowest spring constant (~0.3 N/m). Very useful for SCM and contact AFM applications requiring contact force. L = 400 µm, W = 60 µm, k = 0.3 N/m, f ~ 4.5 kHz

  • RMN-25Pt400B – Similar to the 25Pt300B, but with a lower spring constant. L = 400 µm, W = 100 µm, k = 8 N/m, f ~ 10 kHz

  • RMN-12Pt300B – Similar to the 12Pt400B, but with a higher spring constant. L = 300 µm, W = 60 µm, k = 0.8 N/m, f ~ 9 kHz

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