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Tip Radius (nm)
Nom: 8
Max: 15
Frequency (KHz)
Nom: 25
Min: 17
Max: 45
Length (µm)
Nom: 38
Min: 35
Max: 41
Spring Const (N/m)
Nom: 0.09
Min: 0.07
Max: 0.14
Width (µm)
Nom: 16
Min: 14
Max: 18
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BioLever Mini, 110 kHz Air, 25 kHz Fluid, 0.1 N/m, 10-pack
**AC40 is no longer available and we suggest replacement to PEAKFORCE-HIRS-F-B.**
Outstanding features of BioLever mini:



1. Time saving in AFM data acquisition in liquid
High resonance at around 110 kHz in air and 25 kHz in water while its small spring constant of around 0.1 N/m. The high resonance cantilever is worth while scanning fast to shorten the data acquisition time and to make smooth and quick operation in magnifying a target area on the sample surface.

2. High resolution measurement in liquid
Sharpened silicon tips with its tip radius of 10 nm (typ.)

3. High sensitivity in Force curve measurement in liquid
The short cantilevers with its length of around 40 micro meters become advantageous for high sensitivity of optical beam deflection sensors in AFMs. The small area lever responds quickly to shape change of bio-molecules with short relaxation time. Less noise in thermal vibration spectrum.

    4. Use in AFM systems combined with a fluorescent optical microscope
    Silicon nitride cantilever, minimized its auto fluorescence, would not become an obstacle in fluorescent observation.

    In use of 'BioLever mini', it is recommended that tuning of control parameters of AFM system like position adjustment of laser sensor spot, feedback servo gain, etc., should be carried out in liquid. Because 'Bio-Lever mini' was designed for the use in liquid.

    Tip Specification
    The BioLever Mini has a sharpened tetrahedral silicon tip that extends from the end of the cantilever. The base of the tip is covered in silicon nitride which attaches it to the cantilever. The effective tip height of 2-5 um is the tip apex which is not covered by the silicon nitride. silicon tip of two layer structure. The tip apex is further sharpened by an oxidation process that results in a higher aspect ratio than conventional pyramidal tips. Due to the sharp tip, the BioLever Mini is recommended for turning image resolution up another notch in studying of bio molecules, DNA strands etc. The long tip works to the advantage of AFM imaging of relatively thick samples like bio cells.
    Tip Height (h): 2-5 µm
    Front Angle (FA): 35º
    Side Angle (SA): 35º
    Cantilever Specification
    AC40 Cantilever Image
    This probe is designed for tappingmode measurements in liquid. The cantilever has been reduced to the minimum practical size for the optical beam deflection sensors in most commercially available AFMs. This small cantilever has a nominal spring constant of 0.1 N.m, with a resonant frequency of approximately 25 kHz in fluid or 110 kHz in air. The higher frequency in liquid allows for faster imaging of soft biological samples, and the short lever gives it a higher lever sensitivity with optical beam deflection sensors.
    Material: Silicon nitride
    Geometry: Rectangular
    Cantilevers Number: 1
    Cantilever Thickness (Nom): 0.2µm
    Cantilever Thickness (RNG): 0.18-0.22µm
    Back Side Coating: Reflective Gold