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Product #: IRIS-STM

STM TERS package for Innova-IRIS
- Includes TERS-STM: 10-pack of IRIS STM TERS probes.  Enables TERSusing 633 nm or 785 nm excitation with STM feedback.  Pin-premounted foreasier and safer handling.  At least 5 out of 10 probes will provide>10 enhancement (tip-in vs tip-out on TERS-SMPL).
- Includes TERS-SMPL: 2-pack of individually sealed IRIS TERS testsamples.  Suitable for testing TERS enhancement of TERS-STM probes at633 nm excitation.
- Includes 860-012-725: Cartridge for TERS-STM probes.  Optimized foraccepting premounting of TERS-STM probes.  Maximizes side and topoptical access into Innova-IRIS head.
- Complete package to enable STM TERS on first generation Innova-IRIS that do not have 860-012-725 cartridge.
- For use with Innova IRIS only.

Individual components of IRIS-STM also sold separately.

Price: $4,500.00 (USD)