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Product #: EVAL-PFQNM-12M
Six Month PeakForce QNM Evaluation Kit

-- Enables customers to evaluate the capabilities of PeakForce QNMon-site for six months before committing to purchase of the completepackage.

-- New imaging mode allows quantitative mapping of nano-mechanicalproperties including elastic modulus, adhesion, deformation, anddissipation while simultaneously imaging sample topography at highresolution.

-- Precisely controlled force allows sample indentation to be limited toa few nanometers to maintain both resolution and prevent sample damage.

-- Includes a subset of PeakForce QNM samples, including Models PSFILM-12M, SAPPHIRE-12M, RS-12M, and PS-LDPE-12M.

-- Includes 10 MPP-11100-10 (TAP300) probes.

-- REQUIRES NanoScope V8.10 or later software and MultiMode 8, Dimension Icon, or BioScope Catalyst SPM.

-- REQUIRES a minimum of one-day installation/training (Model ITCSA)which must be purchased separately when purchased with any other on-siteinstallation/training package (Models ITCS or ITCS3).

-- If purchased separately, customer must also purchase one day of installation/application training (Model ITCS1-SRV).

-- NOTE: The PeakForce QNM license key will expire approximately sixmonths following installation of the evaluation kit. ReactivationREQUIRES purchase of the full PeakForce QNM package (MM-PFQNM,ICON-PFQNM, or CAT-PFQNM). Multiple purchases of EVAL-PFQNM will NOT beallowed.
Price: $750.00 (USD)