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Product #: PS-LDPE-GS

HarmoniX Training Sample for Bioscope II SPMs

· A two-component polymer sample mounted on a glass slide for training researchers in the use of HarmoniX mode.
· This sample provides excellent contrast in elastic modulus, and some adhesion and dissipation contrast as well
· A blend of Polystyrene and Polyolefin Elastomer (ethylene-octene copolymer) are spin-cast onto a silicon substrate, creating a film with varying material properties.  The PS regions of the sample have elastic modulus numbers around 2GPa, while the copolymer regions have elastic modulus numbers around 0.1GPa.
· The standard HarmoniX probe (part HMX) is capable of measuring the material modulus values ranging from about 10MPa to 10GPa. This sample was chosen to allow a user to explore the wide range of modulus measurements possible with HarmoniX probes.

· NOTE:  While it is possible to use this sample to quickly get an approximate calibration of the HarmoniX DMTModulus channel, this is not recommended for accurate measurements.  The modulus of this sample and its variation over time are only approximately known.
Price: $200.00 (USD)