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Product Description:

Solid Metal Probe, 18 N/m, 20 kHz

RockyMountain Nanotechnology (RMN) probes are uniquely constructed from pureplatinum and placed on a standard AFM probe sized ceramic substrate.Solid metal probes offer excellent conductivity and suffer no thin-filmadhesion problems that occur with metal-coated silicon probes. Theseprobes also have a tip radius (< 20 nm) which is difficult toroutinely obtain by standard AFM probe processing methods.  These probesare ideal for C-AFM, SCM, and KPFM/EFM applications. They are availablein a range of spring constants. Each probe tip is individually imagedby FE-SEM to verify that the metallic probe tip radius is below 20nm.  

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Model Mount Pack Size Price Pack Quantity
RMN-25PT300B Unmounted 10 $800.00 (USD)

Shape Resonant Freq. kHz Spring Const. N/m Length µm Width µm
Nom. Min. Max. Nom. Min. Max. Nom. Min. Max. Nom. Min. Max.
Rectangular 20 14 26 18 10.8 25.2 300 350 250 100 90 110

Tip Specification

Geometry: Solid Wire
Tip Height (h): ~100µm
Tip Radius (Nom): <20 nm

Cantilever Specification

Material: Solid Platinum
Geometry: Rectangular
Cantilevers Number: 1
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