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Product Description:

Bruker's Sharp Nitride Lever (SNL) probes are the industry standard for high-performance imaging with TappingMode in fluid.  These probes marry the sharpness of a Silicon tip with the low spring constant and high sensitivity of a Silicon Nitride cantilever, for an unprecedented level of high-resolution and force control on just about any sample, in any medium.  The unique design of each SNL probe includes four cantilevers with varying degrees of force constants and resonant frequencies,providing enough versatility to cover a large majority of sample types.

The SNL cantilever layout is identical to that of the other NP products,with "A" and "B" cantilevers on one side of the probe, and "C" and "D"cantilevers on the other side of the probe.  See the cantilever orientation diagram here. All cantilevers on the SNL probes have <2 degrees of cantilever bend, making them ideal for use on all Bruker and non-Bruker AFMs.

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Model Instrument Mount Pack Size Price Pack Quantity
SNL-W All Unmounted 375 $4,700.00 (USD)

Shape Resonant Freq. kHz Spring Const. N/m Length µm Width µm
Nom. Min. Max. Nom. Min. Max. Nom. Min. Max. Nom. Min. Max.
A Triangular 65 50 80 0.35 0.175 0.7 120 125 115 25 20 30
B Triangular 23 16 28 0.12 0.06 0.24 205 200 210 40 35 45
C Triangular 56 40 75 0.24 0.12 0.48 120 115 125 20 15 25
D Triangular 18 12 24 0.06 0.03 0.12 205 200 210 25 20 30

Tip Specification

*Due to the inherent danger of mishandling or contamination during extraction of probes by non-Bruker personnel, we do not guarantee performance of wafers once opened at the consumers site. Instead, we highly recommend buying in larger quantities of 10-packs to guarantee performance, taking advantage of quantity discount pricing.
Geometry: Rotated (Symmetric)
Tip Height (h): 2.5 - 8.0µm
Front Angle (FA): 15 ± 2.5º
Back Angle (BA): 25 ± 2.5 º
Side Angle (SA): 22.5 ± 2.5 º
Tip Radius (Nom): 2 nm
Tip Radius (Max): 12 nm
Tip SetBack (TSB)(Nom): 4 µm
Tip Set Back (TSB)(RNG): 0 - 7 µm

Cantilever Specification

Material: Silicon Nitride
Geometry: Triangular
Cantilevers Number: 4
Cantilever Thickness (Nom): 0.6 µm
Cantilever Thickness (RNG): 0.55 - 0.65 µm
Back Side Coating: Reflective Gold
Top Layer Back: 45 ± 5 nm of Ti/Au
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