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Product Description:

NanoTA probes for Dimension SPMs, 300 micron length.

Out of stock. We suggest the VITA-DM-NANOTA-200 as an alternate.
Shape Resonant Freq. kHz Spring Const. N/m Length µm Width µm
Nom. Min. Max. Nom. Min. Max. Nom. Min. Max. Nom. Min. Max.
Thermal 0 15 30 0 0.1 0.5 300

Tip Specification

Probes are micro-machined silicon probes; similar in geometry to standard Silicon AFM probes but incorporate a resistive heater at the end of the cantilever. These probes have the capability to image the sample surface significantly better than most thermal probes. Probes can be heated repeatedly and reliably to higher temperatures (400°C) than other thermal probes made of thin metal films. Note: Specifically designed for use with VITA module. Uses other than with VITA module void probe warranty.
Geometry: Standard (Steep)
Tip Height (h): 3-6µm
Tip Radius (Nom): <30 nm

Cantilever Specification

Material: Silicon
Geometry: Rectangular
Cantilevers Number: 1
Cantilever Thickness (Nom): 2 µm
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